Monday, March 29, 2010

The Chase

Facebook has been a fickle friend lately. I have had many problems arise from content and messages relayed over the social networking site. As part of this, I decided to block and remove as friends over 2oo people from my network. Some of those have led to very awkward situations afterwards. However, there has definitely been a strange friendship formed that could prove to be very good.

Chase has been coming out of his shell over the last several months and I’ve connected and related to many of his comments on life, hormones, chemical balance, friendship, love and success/failures. As I have related, I have made several comments on his status updates and likewise he has responded and commented on my posts. We have developed a friendship of sorts even though before today we have never talked face-to-face.

However, today I was left by several friends and retreated to the back of the chapel. As I sat in loneliness, I looked up and Chase was sitting across the aisle and we made expressive content. I decided now was as good a time as ever to approach him, so I walked over and we talked briefly. It was kind of awkward, I’m not gonna lie, but it was good too. It was good to finally talk to a friend. After a few minutes I awkwardly left and talked to Ben and Alyssa. But when Sunday School started up I went back and sat by him.

The chase for a new friend hasn’t ended yet, but I’m hopeful to get to know someone with so much insight and someone who is brave enough to overcome the trials he is fighting in his own life as I battle forward too.


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