Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Today I've been thinking about things that are counter-intuitive. My roommate accused me of putting the dishes away in a way that was counter-intuitive. But isn't that the point of being a college student...doing things that are counter-intuitive?

Instead of talking about problems, we play games and act like high-school students. Instead of cleaning the apartment we let things build up until we can't see the floor or counter surfaces. Instead of studying we spend time on Facebook or playing games on Wii. Instead of working, we sleep and eat junk food.

Sadly, this counter-intuitive lifestyle is overwhelming out existence. So what. In my apartment we all seem quite content with our own counter-intuitive actions, however we are quite peeved with those counter-intuitive measures of the others around us.

I believe our solution lies in two areas. First, we all need to relax. Accept that you can't control everything and everyone and that people don't always act rationally. Second, take some responsibility. Take a step back and see that you aren't the only perfect one, and that you have short-comings that can be overcome and changes can be made to make you a more successful and healthy person.

Hopefully this counter-intuitive stage of life is only a stage and like a stage on my roommates favorite video game, once you fight your way through, you never have to go back. (Unless your playing Smash Bro's. and you just keep hitting your head on the same wall over and over and over again).


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