Monday, August 18, 2008

Hey world,

Today we had our check-out cleaning checks. My best friend/roommate got home from Australia Saturday night, we spent all day with his family and then we had to come home and clean forever! I felt so bad. He is such a good guy, he wanted to clean and yet he was so tired. He cleaned anyway and still made it to work on time this morning. He didn't care about 'jet-lag' or excuses. He had a job and a responsibility and he was going to honor it and not let anything get in his way. He really taught me a lot this morning on what kind of person is going to be successful and happy.

Right now however he is moving out and talking to his friend about staying at his place for the next week. I'm really sad about this. I know it's nothing personal but he is a tremendous friend, one that you don't find too often. I know we'll still hang out, but it still is hard. Ho hum. hmm.


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