Sunday, September 14, 2008

Choices and Dreams

Last week on September 11, I had the opportunity of meeting a man from Korea. He told me about the differences in our countries in respect to choices and dreams.

When Yoon-lae was in high school he excelled at chemistry and desired to go to college and hopefully end up in medical school with a successful career as a doctor. However when he entered college he made a simply mistake mixing up chemistry/pre-med with Chemical Engineering. Once he entered college as a chemical engineer he was locked in and quickly learned of his mistake. However, he HATES engineering. Too bad. However with hard work through college he was able to secure a good paying job at LG Electronics and began moving up the corporate ladder working in Plasma Technology Development.

He asked me about our ability in America to change majors, to follow our dreams and to choose whatever field we desired to work in for the rest of our lives. Korea is a very developed nation yet I never realized how precious our right to determine the course of our own lives is in America.

It made me realize the destiny I can create and the inequality throughout the world, even in other economically developed nations.

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