Monday, May 17, 2010

Someone Else’s Blog

Recently I’ve had a few friends join the blogging world. They write such happy inspirational posts. Sickening isn’t it.

I decided I was too depressing and so I opened up a new blog at wordpress and I even put a couple entries in. I might keep it, I might update it, but I realized today more clearly that the entries there were SO overwhelmingly contrived and forced. I don’t write about happy stuff that makes you all warm and fuzzy. Right now it’s just not me. I have good times, I have good thoughts and deep feelings, but when I write, I don’t really care if others read it and I might prefer it most of the time. I was trying to write someone else’s blog for someone else. I think a blog can be just about anything, mine can’t be for you. Not yet. Not now.


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